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Welcome to the new site brothers and sisters of Facepalm. Contest info will be posted in the forums. If you have any questions contact Ral :).
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What do you all want to see happening in the guild?

Pointille, Mar 14, 11 9:21 PM.
We need to do a recruiting drive again soon. But it is awesome to see so many of you still working your way towards 85. Us veteran members are very excited, and looking forward to running many things. We've even had J bring over his warrior to level to 85 so we can have some additional arena teams going on.

What type of things do you want to start planning on doing, like pvp nights or dungeons etc etc. It's getting to a time now where we will need to start putting things on the calendar so as to not overwhelm anyone.

Give us some feedback and we'll see what we can do :-)

Arena Night!

junukoFTW, Mar 9, 11 9:53 PM.
It's arena night tonight! I'm excited :) Just an incentive for everyone to hit 85. When you do we can start setting up some more arena teams and some rated battle ground groups! All good fun! ;)

Guild fun with dungeon runs

Pointille, Mar 4, 11 10:07 AM.
Last night was some fun running a couple dungeons with almost a full guild group (4/5). Ral was pumping out some insane dps numbers, Wtfe (newest to 85) did fantastic, Alcahuete did great, especially for his first time in Grim Batol. The guild also leveled, which puts us at lvl 5 now and that means everytime we loot something we get a little extra coinage that goes to the guild bank.


Ralathal, Feb 24, 11 7:05 PM.
Welcome to the new site. Have a look around. Since I am still building the site some features won't be operational as of yet, but be patient I promise I will complete it :)!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Ralathal, Feb 24, 11 6:48 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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The only requirement to join is age. Our members must be 18+. We are a social/leveling guild for now, but things may change in the future.
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